Band History

Euphoria originally formed back in the early 2000's at Santa Cruz High School.  After a few lineup changes over the years Euphoria has now established a solid group of committed, talented, and raging sons of bitches.

First, we can start off with Preston shredding your face off with his trusty Ibanez Prestige guitar and mix mastering all of our tracks to perfection.  Jayme (Chubb), the beat creator, will be blowing you away with anything from a ripping Fear-style punk beat all the way to a double kick heavy metal riff with some reggae, jazz, AND funk thrown in there just to throw you off; this man will hold it down.  Jamie (Tashnick) on the bass has been beatin the crap out of his Dean Bass non-stop all day every day since his mom shot him out.

Basically, how it all started was Preston’s love for music and boredom brought about a vision of a new, original, influential band that could come out, playing anything and everything with their own sound so unique than when you heard it you could not mistake it for anything but Euphoria.  Throughout high school he began what seemed at the time to be an impossible mission and found the best musicians that were willing to jam with him and started writing music.  After a few lineup changes, due to musical differences, lack of determination etc., all of the members of Euphoria finally found each other.  Since the first day of jamming with the current line up back in 2007, the vision Preston started with so long ago has come to fruition.  They have created a group of three guys who love good music, want to write good, original music and share it with everybody.   They all love playing what they do, and although come from separate yet similar musical backgrounds they meet at an awesome common ground that is called Euphoria.  Within their tunes, you’ll hear influences from anything ranging from a steady slow rockin reggae groove to a crunchy fast punk song, or a guitar heavy soul shaking metal jam.  Has been a long time coming, but was well worth the wait.  Thank you so much for checking us out, and please tell a friend and keep an eye out because Euphoria will be tearing up a venue near you in the near future, that’s a guarantee.  We love all of you, and you Euphoriaddikts are the reason we do this.  CHA